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Our Main Expertise



We love speed and quality. Therefore we have focused to deliver You easily editable Websites based on WYSIWYG – “What You See Is What You Get”.

This means Your website will remain under Your control and content can be changed at any time with ease.

Specialized on WordPress, we can offer You a complete website with:

    • a frontend web design based on Elegant Themes Divi – WYSIWYG
    • any amount of web pages like the landing page, contact page, ..
    • integration of Your content OR we will find suitable content like free images and basic texts as a starting point
    • integration in a hoster of your choice
    • configuration of mail contacting
    • social media sharing over YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
    • SEO and speed optimization
    • and much more ..

For more details You are welcome to contact us with Your enquiry.


The first step is to find out what Your wishes are and create a list of features and capabilities of Your website project.


In the second step together we will create a first sketch of your website directly based on DIVI and WYSIWYG. Due to our experience we can also help and guide You to find a suitable and fantastic presentation. In this way we will concretize the pages and sections of Your website.


In weekly iterations we will develop Your website based on Your priorities, feedback and further input to deliver You exactly what You want.

Longterm Support

After having completed Your website our team will still be on Your side and offer You content support and technical maintenance.


Do You have an App idea in Your mind and don’t know how to realize it? Or are you looking for professional and senior App developers who can support Your team? In both cases we can help You out!

Our experts offer:

  • waterfall and agile development skills including Scrum Master certifications
  • many years of development experience from working in professional teams for highly successful and important software products
  • knowledge of many programming and scripting languages like Swift, Kotlin, Java, YAML, Pearl and more
  • quality and maintainable clean code based on standard conventions, SOLID and KISS principles
  • motivated personalities with high team player social skills
  • and much more ..

For more details You are welcome to contact us with Your enquiry.

web application

Requirements Analysis

Do you have an App idea in Your mind and don’t know how to realize it? Or are you looking for professional and senior App developers who can support Your team? What are the expected functionalities of the App? In the first step we will clarify all Your wishes.

Agile Development

Within a defined project timespan, we will directly jump into action and plan, design, develop, test and release Your App in weekly cycles.

Monitor and Review

By this agile approach You can monitor the process and review the resulting App increments and direct the route of development as per Your wishes. Even if Your requirements change as new ideas flourish or new insights arrive, we are there to make Your project a success.


When the App meets Your quality standards, we will assist in launching it in Your company’s in-house App store or in the world wide available online stores of Google and Apple. And afterwards we are there for You for further developments, support and maintenance.


In a world where technologies change overnight and new possibilities arise continuously, having a static approach of long term development based on the waterfall model seems inappropriate. For this reason all our web and app developers and testers are certified experts in SCRUM and KANBAN and are experienced working in agile teams for successful projects. As an addition we have experienced Scrum Masters and Product Owners who can support Your team to integrate the agile way of working in an easy and effective manner.

We can offer You:

  • certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners for Your team and projects
  • certified Agile Developers for both Web and App development

  • agile teams fulfilling Your wishes as a Product Owner

For more details You are welcome to contact us with Your enquiry.

Plan and Design

Agile work based on SCRUM is done in repeated sprints that start with a sprint planning including tasks related to research, design, organization, development, testing and deployment.

Develop and Test

Our developers will implement the features that have been planned and hand them over for testing which can be done by You as a Product Owner or our own testers that are specialized in finding bugs effectively to guarantee quality software as a result.

Deploy and Review

Afterwards a software increment is deployed and the whole team including developers, the Scrum Master and the Product Owner review the result. Based on new insights or further wishes, the team starts a new sprint until all features and quality standards of Your Website or App are met.


Then it is time to launch the first version of Your project on Your company’s own environment or on the world wide available online hosters for Your website and online stores for Your App. Afterwards we will be there for You for further sprint cycles, maintenance and support.


Every successful software project like a Website or an App requires thorough testing on many levels to deliver a secure and bug free product and service. Customers rarely realize the effort behind a clean and error free Website or App but always complain if they find bugs. Increasing customer happiness and product success is directly related to proper testing on all levels.

For this reason we offer:

  • manual Web and App testing of your product
  • professional testing developers as a support of Your project teams
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System and UI testing
  • Sprint testing
  • Web penetration testing
  • and more ..

For more details You are welcome to contact us with Your enquiry.

Requirements Analysis

What are the deficits in Your current way of developing or in Your software product? Which types of tests do You need to improve the quality of your Website or App? Either You are clear in these points or You require further assistance and consultation, we will solve Your enquiry together.


Based on Your requirements, we will offer You the ideal strategy and support You in adding meaningful tests and thus improve the quality of your software products immensly.


After having created a testing plan based on the ideal strategy, our developers and testers will do their work and deliver results within the framework of your working environment as per Your wishes. This includes agile work as well as concrete testing jobs that are executed by us.


With our suggested quality metrics and Your own requirements, we will measure the effectivity of the testing and prove to Your company leaders and product customers the increasing value of Your work with the reward of a stable and secure software.

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